Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Diagnostic essay: A Great Vacation

Brittany Ortiz
English 111-49
A Great Vacation
I have been to some really nice places in my life. I would have to say the nicest place I have been to so far is Puerto Rico. It’s beautiful, warm, and has great sites and beaches. Being there also makes you do more and spend more time with your family because many of the houses don’t have cable or air conditioning.
I went there recently to visit some of my family and had a great time. My dad rented a house for us to stay in and it was nice even though there was no air conditioning or cable. We all took our mattresses off her beds and slept in the living room where the most fans were because it was way too hot in the rooms but that was fun.
The trip started out really bad, everything that could have gone wrong did go wrong. It was the worst start to a vacation I have ever had but luckily the rest of the trip went well. Where we stayed was very country but beautiful and near my family. It was about two hours away from the city San Juan which is my favorite part of Puerto Rico.
Of course the beaches there are gorgeous. In the country part of Puerto Rico there’s not much to do but to go to the beaches and they are all over place. The only bad thing is all the bugs. You get eaten alive there all day long which is hard for people visiting but people who live there are completely used to it.
I might be hard for some people to live there but it’s a great place to visit. This vacation was definitely different from any of my other vacations which is what makes I unique and my favorite. Even though so many things went wrong in the beginning it ended up being great and making a great story.